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Oumar Soule Mbodji

Oumar Soule Mbodji

Author and Entrepreneur

Oumar Soule is an author, entrepreneur and business consultant.
He is also a GojuRyu Karate practitioner, a father, husband, mathematician
and Muslim brother.

The Muslim Entrepreneur book shows you that Muslims are still very influential and prominent in the fields of business, success and leadership.

When I first met Oumar we spent a few hours together and I knew he would add massive value to the muslim entrepreneur space through his compiling of educational and wisdom filled lessons.

It is my firm belief that this book will show you how to achieve great wealth as a Muslim Entrepreneur. There are 10 principles outlined in this book.

I urge you to read them carefully, study them then apply them to your life.

See you at the top inshaAllah!

Com Mirza

CEO, Mirza Holdings