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In this post, we are going to talk about how to buy Kindle books in Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Senegal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE …  and any non Western country.

Assalamu Aleykum and Welcome.

As promised I am going to show you how to get The Muslim Entrepreneur – 10 Success Principles from the greatest Muslim entrepreneurs free of charge.

As Amazon does not ship Kindle to Muslim countries or most non western countries, of course, Kindle books are not available in those countries either.

Before we go further, to access the book you will need to purchase the kindle version for 3.1 $ and get refunded fully once you review the book. Amazon does have rules and unfortunately kindle is restricted in your country but I want you to have the book free of charge. So I will refund you inshAllah within 24 hours of receiving your review.

If you do not have access to a VISA bank card message me on facebook and I will do the transaction for you inshaAllah.

How are we going to buy Kindle books in your country?  You can buy it through a computer or directly from your Kindle, but you need to do some “settings” before buying any book.  There are many Kindle users in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria etc. some of them manage to purchase Kindle books as normal without any problem; but some are not so lucky because their purchase transaction was blocked by Amazon (it usually happen when Amazon detected that you are not buying the books in US or your payment was not made via US credit card.).

We will show you how to buy Kindle books in countries blocked by Amazon kindle using both the “normal” method and the “risk-free” method.

Before you start to buy any books for your Kindle, you should have registered your Kindle using your Amazon account.  After you have registered your Kindle, you need to do TWO things:

1. Change Your Kindle Country Settings:
If you do not change the country settings, whenever you search for any book in, it will displays a message “This title is not available for customers from your location in: Asia & Pacific” or it could say “Africa”, and you are unable to buy the book.


not available kindle

– Go to and log into your account.
– At the right top drop down menu, select “Manage Your Kindle”.
– You will see “Your Kindle Account” at the left panel, select “Country Settings”.
– Make sure you change it to “United States”. (make sure your address is from these tax-free states:Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware and Oregon. Choose a city in Montana for example and use google map to get the address of a pizza shop. Note the phone number as well )

country settings

If you search for any kindle title again, it should now be available for purchase:

1-click button available

2. Load money into your Amazon account with Amazon Gift Card.

This is the prepaid fund (known as Gift Card Balance) in your Amazon account, each time you buy a Kindle book, it will deduct from your Gift Card Balance.  The purpose of using Gift Card Balance is to avoid unnecessary risk for Amazon to detect your purchase is made by non-US credit card.  So, it is recommended that you should use Gift Card Balance even if you are using the “normal way” to buy Kindle books in non Western countries.  Furthermore, the Gift Card Balance in you Amazon account has no expiry date, you only need to top up again when the balance is low. Refer the following steps to buy Amazon Gift Cards:

– Visit Amazon Gift Card Store, click here.
– Select the amount: 3.1 USD which is the cost of my book.
– Enter your own email as Recipient E-mail.
– Click purchase.
– Enter your credit/debit card details if requested.
– Enter billing address if requested.
– Place your order and the Amazon Gift Card will be sent to your designated email address.
– Login to your email account to access the Amazon Gift Card. (sometimes it may take a while to reach you)
– Click the “Redeem now” button in the Gift Card.
– It will redirect you to the Amazon account.
– Login and click the “Apply to Your Account” button.
– The money is now loaded into your Amazon Gift Card Balance.
– You can set a US address to your billing address or “1-Click settings” in your Amazon account. (you can get a US address here, if the address shows invalid, just generate another address)


You may consider to do this extra step to delete your credit/debit card information from Amazon account after purchase the Gift Card:
– Go to your Amazon account, select “Manage Payment Option”.
– Delete the card details.

Buy Kindle Books in Muslim countries or non Western countries

Now we are ready to buy some books for our Kindles.

A. How to Buy Kindle Books in non Western countries – THE NORMAL WAY
You can now search for any book title in the Amazon website and “Buy now with 1-Click” and have the book deliver to your Kindle, or you can connect to wifi and access the Kindle store to buy book directly from your Kindle device.  Try this at your own risk, I have tried this without any problem but some claimed that this method does not work for them, then you need to look at the 2nd method written below. (some Amazon accounts may get suspended)

B. How to Buy Kindle Books in non Western countries – THE RISK-FREE METHOD
With this method, it is advisable not to buy book directly from your Kindle device.  You will need a VPN installed on your computer, and buy books using your computer only.
The Amazon can detect your location through your computer IP address. (you can simply see your IP address at the upper right corner of our website).
By using a VPN, it will mimic your computer IP address into a US address (your computer location will display as United States instead of your current country of residence).  The steps are quite easy, just refer to the following:

– Visit this link: Private Tunnel VPN, sign up is FREE, and you will get a FREE 200MB 100MB data after signed up the account, you may also consider to get the 50G data plan which only cost USD12. If you are using this just to buy Kindle books, 50G data will last you for many years and the data has no expiry date. Furthermore, Private Tunnel works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
– After signing up the account, download the VPN software and install.
– Login and connect. Open the internet browser.


– Go to Amazon Kindle Book Store and search for the book title you want to buy.
– Buy the book and download it by “Transfer via Computer” which you will need to transfer the book to your Kindle via USB cable, OR
– Have the book “Deliver to” your Kindle directly. (so far, we did not hear that anyone facing problem with direct deliver to Kindle when using VPN and Gift Card).
– After you bought the book, do remember to disconnect the VPN.
– That’s all. You should be able to download the book in your Kindle after a few minutes or less.

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